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    Smart Price Tags are the perfect solution.

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What is Smart Price Tag?

Digital labeling is a fast, simple and cost effective way to manage pricing in wireless retail stores, provide product features for easy customer access, promotion your products and services, along with so much more. Digital labeling removes every hassle attributed with paper price tags by utilizing Android devices to display the digital price tag of the merchandised product.

Today's cumbersome approach includes pricing requests from head office, printing price tags and positioning price tags correctly, beside the displayed smartphone or tablet. Many steps mean a greater chance that the pricing campaign may not be successfully implemented.

Simple enrollment

The solution

Digital Price Tags come with centralized cloud management tools right out of the box, enabling the account owner to manage devices, templates, and price lists from a central location or head office. This process is the same for individual retail stores with a handful of devices as well as hundreds of locations with multiple display devices.

Our app can be configured to be used in two scenarios - "On device" and "Off device".

How it works

Devices are ready to be
updated, instantly with promotions
pushed immediately

What we offer

We offer flexible price labels
from simple tags to sophisticated multi-page digital labels

Start today

Simply register, download the app,
and start using. No sales call, no hassle

"Over the next two years the wireless retail industry will experience a period of rapid change. SmartCircle opens the world's eyes, awakening the idea that displayed mobile devices can be used as retail tools and not retail toys."

Bill Dandie - President, RTF

Our features

Seamless device enrollment

Quickly install the app on thedevice and use your 10 digit code to enroll them

Automated device configuration

Devices are automatically configured during the enrollment process

On or off device - your choice

Our app can be used either on your display devices or a secondary Android device

Detects user interaction

The app will detect lift or touch and exit to home screen to allow full user experience

Support all screen orientations

The screen will auto rotate or fix the orientation for you

Guard your device

The app can protect "Settings" and "Google Play" so users can not make changes and install apps

Smart Price Tag

Solution advantages

Download the app and start using it today. All system features are enabled so it is easy to begin digital labeling right out of the box. Once you are ready, activate your devices to remove the "Preview" watermark and to try the Smart Price Tags service we will give you FREE activation credits.

Why to choose us

Utilize the high-quality screens of the live smartphone or tablet display devices to show the price and features. Customers can view product information right on the device.

Utilize the high-quality screens of secondary Android displays to show pricing information and product features. Customers can interact with the product or device independently for a better in store experience.

Create a positive impact on your target audience with different location content and promote engagement through mobile devices, tablets, and social media for increased customer interaction and greater sales.

Remote control ensures changes in templates and prices are on time , and guarantees accuracy across your networks price labels.

All changes to your corporate dashboard price list are automatically targeted to the correct Smart Price Tag without human error or physical interaction.

First,create an account on our website, then, download the app to the device, and use the code from the dashboard to enroll your devices.

Choose from one of the preset templates to modify, edit, and change the design for a appearance, then save the changes to update your in store, digital price tags.

START USING IT TODAY! Register and get 1 device activation for FREE

Simple Pricing


All features + 1 activation FREE


Per year

Simple deployment

New to Smart Price Tags? Here's how it works in 7 simple steps:

  • Create an account and login to your dashboard
    Step 1
  • Edit and activate a pricing template from the list provided
    Step 2
  • Add products/SKUs to your price list
    Step 3
  • Download the Smart Price Tags app to your devices
    Step 4
  • Enroll your devices using the enrollment code found on your dashboard
    Step 5
  • Assign products from your price list to your devices
    Step 6
  • Activate your newly enrolled devices through the dashboard
    Step 7

Full guidelines and knowledge base is available at our support center.